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How to setup Nginx – PHP-FPM – MariaDB with VPSSIM

You feel difficult to find a good quality VPS? You can choose VULTR VPS. They are the best VPS provider in the world with the best cpu, best SSD and 100% KVM Virtualization.

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With about 14 location arround the world, you can choose the location for your website and make it have a fastest speed for user

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The price of the VPS hosting package

The price of the VPS hosting package

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Free 50 USD for new account for 60 days. Click link to reg a new account. Then you must add your credit card to verify.
Free 27$ for new account. 20$ must be use in 30 Days from the day you create the account and 7 USD no limited time use.
With 20 USD, you can create an 2 GB RAM and 2 CPU VPS to test or create 4 VPS with 4 location in 1 month to test.
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Paiding 25 USD for your account and receive more 25 USD for Free. Old and New account can use this Giftcode
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You must add your credit card or use paypal to add minimum 5 USD. VULTR will give you 5 USD for you try VPS in 1 month free. Then use GIFTCODE below to have 10 USD free. So, you paid only 5 USD for 20 USD in account.
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Double your first payment up to 100 USD – It means 50% OFF for first payment.
Free 10 USD for new account – Click Link - Dont need using giftcode
X2 your RAM of your VPS untill you destroy it with the price unchange. VPS with 4 GB RAM only 15 USD per month !